The Twilight Zone

My embarrassing encounter with Twilight star, Peter Facinelli


A little background: Once upon a time (4 years ago), I was completely obsessed with Twilight. I saw the first movie in theatres multiple times, proceeded to read all four books in two weeks and may or may not have had a Robert Pattison poster on my wall- needless to say, I was not picking up!

While looking at the good ol’ Barrie Examiner, my mom saw an ad saying Carlisle Cullen was doing a signing at the Cookstown Mall. I thought my eyes were deceiving me because I could not believe he was coming to Cookstown out of all places. Like tumbleweed blows across that city. Anyway, this particular mall is approximately a 20 minute drive from my house, so I decided it would be a crime if I didn’t go. Long story short, I was initially supposed to go with my friend Julie, but she had work commitments and couldn’t come. In addition, my mom couldn’t make it either because she was helping my grandparent’s find a new house. So, like the loser I am, ended up going to the event by myself. Is this what rock bottom feels like?

Since he’s not the lead in the franchise, I did not expect a herd of “Twihards” showing up to the signing. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I found myself at the back of the line with hundreds of people ahead of me- all ranging from infant to cougar town. I not-so-patiently waited in line for almost two hours listening to die-hard fans scream and cry for their favourite vampire. Seriously? Now I know why some mom’s live for happy hour.

This is where the story becomes (more) embarrassing. After being surrounded by die-hard fans for almost two hours, their energy became contagious and I felt a sudden rush of excitement come over me. I tried to internalize my excitement as best as I could because A. I was by myself and B. I’m a grown ass woman. I don’t know what it is about good-looking, famous men, but I can never seem to keep it together. I’ll save my Shane West story for another time.

Anyway, he was initially looking down when I came over to the table, so when he looked into my eyes and started talking to me it completely threw me off guard. I now know what it means to be a deer in headlights/at a loss for words! For starters, he has the nicest blue eyes and is even better looking in person (did not think this was possible). Could not recite word-for-word what he said to me, but all my peanut brain could manage to spew out was “Yeah!” followed by nervous laughter. “Yeah”? Did that actually happen? It still makes me cringe when I think about this. Like can I travel back in time and say something cute and witty?

Somehow I composed myself for 5 seconds and we managed to take a pretty cute picture together. He’s a very friendly, charming, funny guy and could not have been more accommodating to all of his fans. I can see why this franchise has such a massive, loyal following.

Until next time, Carlisle…

Ps. This picture does not do him justice

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Would you like my autograph?

More often than not, a parent’s undying love for their child looks past their actual talents and abilities. Case in point, my dad recently suggested that I fly to Los Angeles to audition for a Disney show. You read correctly… DISNEY. My bad, I forgot Miley Cyrus auditioned for Hannah Montana in her twenties. Is my dad serious right now? I would be like Andrea from the original Beverly Hills, 90210.

16... going on 32.

Despite my dad’s delusional aspirations for me, I’ve never had an interest in acting. I mean, I can barely tell a story without laughing. However, I was presented a once in a lifetime opportunity I couldn’t refuse! My friend Nikki, whose IMDB credits include being the body double of Michelle Williams, asked me if I wanted to be an extra in a film with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. Getting paid to be in the same proximity as Regina George? Where do I sign up?

Anyway, last September we were shooting at night for a concert scene in the movie. At the risk of sounding ignorant, I didn’t realize how much time goes into a two minute scene. Like, hours upon hours. You could probably skim the script five minutes before the scene and have it memorized by the last take. I’m pretty sure Channing Tatum does this. We were told to bring a bag of clothes for the stylists to approve of. Of course none of my form-fitting blazers or cute blouses are chosen. No, I’m told to wear the “bright”, baggy yellow sweater I was wearing to keep warm (#firstworldproblems). So look for the frumpy chick in the yellow hoodie! Also, my inside sources tell me the camera adds ten pounds. I’m sure this won’t help my single status… at all.

For some odd reason, I’m fascinated with how celebrities are in real life. Considering the majority of what they say is extremely rehearsed and censored, it’s hard to know what they’re actually like without the camera’s rolling. That being said, I was relieved Rachel McAdams was just as lovely in person as she is in interviews. She also has the most flawless, porcelain complexion. I say this in the least creepiest way, of course! As for Channing Tatum, I wasn’t sure what to expect looks wise. He’s either in Step Up shape or slightly doughy. See what I mean?

Regardless of the past, he was crazy hot when we saw him! Like, the type of the guy you would fumble your words if he asked you a question. Or is that just me? In fact, after witnessing his acting chops (or lack thereof) in the flesh, I’m positive he wouldn’t be a famous actor without his Southern good looks!

I hope the movie does well because I love, love Rachel McAdams! Who didn’t love her in The Notebook and Wedding Crashers? In case you haven’t already seen it, here is the trailer for The Vow– in theaters February 10th!

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An open letter to Justin Timberlake

Okay, so I may have shed a tear when N’SYNC broke up. Future Sex/Love Sounds is my favourite album of all-time. And the Justified & Stripped tour is the best concert I’ve ever been to. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of Justin Timberlake’s music. After N’SYNC broke up in 2002, Justin has become the most successful and relevant member of the group. I mean, does anyone know if Chris Kirkpatrick is still alive? Unlike most boy band alumni, both of Justin’s solo albums have had critical and commercial success. Justin’s second album Future Sex/Love Sounds has sold over ten million copies, earned a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year and was ranked #46 on Rolling Stone magazine’s albums of the decade. How’s hosting The Spelling Bee treating you, Joey?

Long before Lady Gaga made music video’s unnecessarily long, Justin released a short movie for one of his biggest hits, “What Goes Around… Comes Around”. Since the music video was so well-received, I’m starting to believe this is what spawned his subpar acting career:


After producing/recording the best album of his career, a little birdie (his Mom?) convinced Justin he was destined to be the next Al Pacino and it’s been downhill ever since. Being a part of a memorable SNL Digital Short doesn’t mean you’ll be battling Leonardo Dicaprio for leading roles, buddy! Since taking a definite hiatus from music, Justin has starred in, The Love Guru, Bad Teacher, Friends With Benefits and The Social Network. Other than The Social Network, did anyone actually like these movies? Don’t get me started how I wasted two hours of my life watching Bad Teacher. His performance in Friends With Benefits can be best described as Acting 101. And I’m still questioning how Paramount Pictures gave The Love Guru the green light. By the way, this is coming from the girl who loved the critically-panned film, Valentine’s Day! I mean, Justin Timberlake’s Rotten Tomatoes page speaks for itself (see here).

Credit where credit is due: Justin does a great job portraying entitled douche Sean Parker in The Social Network. Almost too well.

After starring in one lousy movie after another, I was starting to come to terms with Justin thinking he was the greatest comedic actor of our time. It wasn’t until a few unexpected performances this summer that gave me a glimmer of hope. From The History of Rap with Jimmy Fallon to his impromptu performance in New York City (watch here), I thought this was Justin’s subtle way of telling the world he was planning on recording his third album. To my dismay, the only time Justin has been in the press is promoting his latest mediocre film, In Time. As a result of his “burgeoning” film career, the chances of him recording another album in the near future are slim. All in all, Justin has been a bigger tease this year than I was in High School!

This fan-made video, ironically posted by Justin Timberlake, sums up this entire post:

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I’m slightly obsessed with Miranda Kerr

Like millions of other people, I watch the Victoria’s Secret runway show every year. In retrospect, stuffing my pie hole with chips while I watch gorgeous, thin women in lingerie kind of seems like a recipe for a meltdown. Making women feel insecure about themselves since 2007, Miranda Kerr’s girl-next-door good looks are the envy of women everywhere. Best known for being an Angel, Miranda is following in the footsteps of Tyra Banks and Gisele Bundchen by becoming a multi-faceted brand. Unlike Kate Upton who is only known for doing the Dougie, Miranda is one of the few models who have had success in both commercial and high fashion. In addition, Miranda has used her Victoria’s Secret platform to launch her own skin care line, KORA Organics. After taking the year off modelling to raise her son Flynn, Miranda was chosen to wear the coveted Fantasy Treasure Bra in this year’s runway show:


When I was in New York City this summer, I saw pictures of Miranda Kerr’s post-baby catwalk debut on the front cover of The New York Post. I’m almost positive these images ruined at least one pregnant woman’s day.


Miranda credits her amazing post-baby body to yoga and eating healthy. Okay, so you’re telling me if I drink spinach smoothies and practice yoga I’ll look like this? Less than 8 months after giving birth? Perfect. Um, not happening in this lifetime…

And then there was her husband, Orlando Bloom. When Lord of the Rings came out in 2001, I remember being in LOVE with him. For some odd reason, I was attracted to his blonde wig wearing, angelic face. What does that say about me? As time progressed, I’ve realized Orlando has David Beckman/Hugh Jackman Syndrome: Good looking until you hear them speak. Orlando’s appearance on Ellen earlier this year illustrates my point:


Referring to his wife as a “lioness” was cute and a complete turn-off at the same time. Am I the only one? Despite Orlando being somewhat asexual, Miranda gave birth to one of the cutest celebrity babies I’ve ever seen. Considering what his parents look like, I would expect nothing less. I can only hope my unborn children will be this adorable.


Miranda is living proof you can have it all: Successful marriage, adorable baby and a thriving career. Heidi Klum 2.0, anyone?

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The Year of Blake Lively


You wouldn’t believe how many people have told me I look like Blake Lively. Okay, I’m exaggerating. I’ve been told less than five times and these individuals may or may not have been intoxicated. Regardless of these minor details, Blake Lively has gone from starring in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 (since the first one was so good?) to a fashion icon and permanent tabloid fixture.  Let’s walk down memory lane and reminisce on her past year, shall we?

After breaking up with her Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley late last year, Blake has been linked to Ryan Gosling, Leonardo Dicaprio and Ryan Reynolds. Did anyone predict the girl from Accepted ever dating Leonardo Dicaprio? How you go from dating Lonely Boy to Jack Dawson from Titanic is beyond me. Granted Penn is cute and Leo is FAR from his prime, but as far as star power and box-office appeal, there is absolutely no comparison. Penn who? From holding hands in Monte Carlo to a romantic bike ride in New York City, Blake kind of seemed to be living a page out of my diary this Summer. And then in a bizarre twist of events, Blake Lively dumps Leonardo Dicaprio for Ryan Reynolds. Two questions: When did you become a baller and can you give me Leo’s digits?

I’ve attached photos to put this in perspective for you. It still doesn’t make sense.


After starring in Gossip Girl since 2007, Blake Lively went from being a relatively unknown actress to topping Vogue’s annual Best Dressed list. When she’s not attending Paris Fashion Week with Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, Blake is shooting lucrative ad campaigns for Chanel. Are you telling me that if I’m dressed by world renowned stylists on a mediocre show that I too can become best friends with two of the most influential people in fashion? Did I mention Christian Louboutin also created a shoe specifically for her? I’d be surprised if you weren’t already aware of this information, as Blake likes to humblebrag here and there about her oh so fabulous life. Or sometimes an entire interview, as shown from her appearance on Regis and Kelly last year:


Since practically every actress in Hollywood has a stylist, people were baffled when Blake claimed her impeccable fashion sense was her own creation. In the words of Miss Lively herself, “I think I became my own stylist by not knowing any better”. I don’t doubt Blake has great taste, but to claim you have absolutely no help from a stylist is not plausible in this business. However, I’m starting to believe this statement more after stumbling across this monstrosity. Here is Blake pictured at Gossip Girl’s 100th Episode party last week:

Marchesa is always a hit or miss for me (usually a miss). This dress is definitely a miss and exemplifies why I rarely like their designs. To put this in perspective, every single designer wants Blake Lively to wear their gowns on the red carpet. And THIS is the dress you choose? You’ve got to be kidding me. I usually love how Blake dresses, but this is inexcusable. I’m pretty sure I saw a rug similar to this in my grandparent’s basement.

I know it may not seem evident after reading this article, but I’m actually a big fan of Blake Lively. Unlike the loser that is Lindsay Lohan, Blake has a good head on her shoulders and seems destined to have a long, successful career. I just may be a little jealous of her seemingly amazing life.

XOXO, Gossip Girl

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Designer Profile: Nicole Richie

Previously known as Paris Hilton’s outspoken, witty friend on The Simple Life, Nicole Richie’s sought-after bohemian style has made her a household name and fashion icon. Hoping to capitalize on her newfound trendsetting status, Nicole teamed up with
legendary jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad to launch House of Harlow in 2008. Using vintage glamour from the 1960’s as inspiration, Richie’s clothing line Winter Kate features tailored and versatile pieces with her signature bohemian flair. In addition to the designer’s mainstream success, items from Winter Kate and House of Harlow have been worn by high profile celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Gwen Stefani.

Do you have champagne taste on a beer budget (i.e. drowning in student debt)? Fortunately for the general public, every stunning and stylish piece from both collections are relatively affordable and can be found at various boutiques and department stores. Here are some of my favourite looks from the Fall 2011 collection of Winter Kate and HOH 1960:

Watch the clip below to catch a glimpse of Nicole’s upcoming Fall and Spring collections- as well as her favourite accessory!


Winter Kate Images, 2, House of Harlow Images, Nicole Richie Image 1, , 3

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Transformers Chic: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

After replacing Megan Fox in the highly successful Transformers franchise, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is hoping to join the likes of Cameron Diaz and Rebecca Romijn by becoming the next model turned successful actress.

Better known for strutting down the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, 2011 has proven to be a break-out year for this UK stunner. Shortly after landing the female lead in Transformers, Rosie topped Maxim’s Hot 100 List- noticeably beating out the franchise’s former leading lady Megan Fox! In addition, she recently became the face of Burberry’s Body fragrance. 

Hoping to avoid the same fate as Cindy Crawford’s movie career after Fair Game, Rosie has expressed an interest in furthering her craft, “I am so grateful that I got this opportunity and hopefully it’s not my last movie. Of course I would miss modeling but maybe I could do a cover shoot being an actress then!”

Whether donning Michael Kors or Burberry, Rosie has been promoting the latest instalment in flawless fashion. Here are some of Rosie’s best looks from her world-wide promotional tour for Transformers:

Check out a behind-the-scenes look of Rosie’s Maxim Hot 100 photoshoot:


Source: Photos

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