How The @*%$ Are They Dating?: UK Edition

Have you ever seen a picture of a celebrity couple and thought “How did HE get her”- or vice versa? While appearance isn’t everything in a relationship, the phrase “love is blind” applies to one half of these UK couples:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

Granted he’s not the most terrible looking guy on the planet, but I certainly didn’t envision this gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model to be dating middle-aged Transporter douche Jason Statham. Despite being the UK Vin Diesel, his unwarranted self-righteous persona is as bad as his receding hair line (No really, your shaved head looks great…) For all I know he could be as witty and charming as my future husband Jake Gyllenhaal, but until then I’ll assume Rosie loves Jason for his big … personality.

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty

Million Dollar Question: How does a drug addicted criminal captivate the heart of one of the most successful supermodels? While Pete is the role model to millions of homeless gold diggers, every other person is baffled as to how this relatively unknown “Rockstar” put a ring on Moss’ finger. I’ve decided to create a Pros and Cons list for Moss (that she will most likely never read) in the event she succumbs to Pete’s “charm” again:


  • Bad Teeth (even for English standards)
  • Drug Addict
  • Has been arrested multiple times
  • Looks like a walking corpse/homeless
  • Probably smells like stale cigarettes & garbage


Still working on that…

You’re welcome, Kate!


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One Response to How The @*%$ Are They Dating?: UK Edition

  1. UWO is Gay says:

    Who the f is Rosie Huntington-Whitely? At least the “Transporter douche” is relevant in pop culture. This girl should be on her knees every night giving him a… well you get the idea.

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