What Ever Happened To: Macaulay Culkin

Regarded as one of the most successful child actors of all time, Macaulay Culkin has been in relative obscurity since starring in Uncle Buck, Home Alone and Richie Rich in the early 1990’s. Despite once having a lucrative acting career, Culkin’s reputation the past ten years has been tainted by a divorce, arrest and consecutive box-office disasters (Party Monster, anyone?). Similar to Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Zack Morris Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Culkin has also been affected by the child actor “curse”. Regardless of his future endeavours, Macaulay will always be remembered as the adorable and witty Kevin McAllister in the Home Alone franchise.  

Here’s a clip of Macaulay Culkin at the height of his fame in Home Alone 2 (Which coincidentally is my favourite movie of all-time):





Article Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaulay_Culkin

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One Response to What Ever Happened To: Macaulay Culkin

  1. Slick says:

    Is that even a question? HOME ALONE 2 DUHHH

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