I’m slightly obsessed with Miranda Kerr

Like millions of other people, I watch the Victoria’s Secret runway show every year. In retrospect, stuffing my pie hole with chips while I watch gorgeous, thin women in lingerie kind of seems like a recipe for a meltdown. Making women feel insecure about themselves since 2007, Miranda Kerr’s girl-next-door good looks are the envy of women everywhere. Best known for being an Angel, Miranda is following in the footsteps of Tyra Banks and Gisele Bundchen by becoming a multi-faceted brand. Unlike Kate Upton who is only known for doing the Dougie, Miranda is one of the few models who have had success in both commercial and high fashion. In addition, Miranda has used her Victoria’s Secret platform to launch her own skin care line, KORA Organics. After taking the year off modelling to raise her son Flynn, Miranda was chosen to wear the coveted Fantasy Treasure Bra in this year’s runway show:


When I was in New York City this summer, I saw pictures of Miranda Kerr’s post-baby catwalk debut on the front cover of The New York Post. I’m almost positive these images ruined at least one pregnant woman’s day.


Miranda credits her amazing post-baby body to yoga and eating healthy. Okay, so you’re telling me if I drink spinach smoothies and practice yoga I’ll look like this? Less than 8 months after giving birth? Perfect. Um, not happening in this lifetime…

And then there was her husband, Orlando Bloom. When Lord of the Rings came out in 2001, I remember being in LOVE with him. For some odd reason, I was attracted to his blonde wig wearing, angelic face. What does that say about me? As time progressed, I’ve realized Orlando has David Beckman/Hugh Jackman Syndrome: Good looking until you hear them speak. Orlando’s appearance on Ellen earlier this year illustrates my point:


Referring to his wife as a “lioness” was cute and a complete turn-off at the same time. Am I the only one? Despite Orlando being somewhat asexual, Miranda gave birth to one of the cutest celebrity babies I’ve ever seen. Considering what his parents look like, I would expect nothing less. I can only hope my unborn children will be this adorable.


Miranda is living proof you can have it all: Successful marriage, adorable baby and a thriving career. Heidi Klum 2.0, anyone?

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