The Twilight Zone

My embarrassing encounter with Twilight star, Peter Facinelli


A little background: Once upon a time (4 years ago), I was completely obsessed with Twilight. I saw the first movie in theatres multiple times, proceeded to read all four books in two weeks and may or may not have had a Robert Pattison poster on my wall- needless to say, I was not picking up!

While looking at the good ol’ Barrie Examiner, my mom saw an ad saying Carlisle Cullen was doing a signing at the Cookstown Mall. I thought my eyes were deceiving me because I could not believe he was coming to Cookstown out of all places. Like tumbleweed blows across that city. Anyway, this particular mall is approximately a 20 minute drive from my house, so I decided it would be a crime if I didn’t go. Long story short, I was initially supposed to go with my friend Julie, but she had work commitments and couldn’t come. In addition, my mom couldn’t make it either because she was helping my grandparent’s find a new house. So, like the loser I am, ended up going to the event by myself. Is this what rock bottom feels like?

Since he’s not the lead in the franchise, I did not expect a herd of “Twihards” showing up to the signing. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I found myself at the back of the line with hundreds of people ahead of me- all ranging from infant to cougar town. I not-so-patiently waited in line for almost two hours listening to die-hard fans scream and cry for their favourite vampire. Seriously? Now I know why some mom’s live for happy hour.

This is where the story becomes (more) embarrassing. After being surrounded by die-hard fans for almost two hours, their energy became contagious and I felt a sudden rush of excitement come over me. I tried to internalize my excitement as best as I could because A. I was by myself and B. I’m a grown ass woman. I don’t know what it is about good-looking, famous men, but I can never seem to keep it together. I’ll save my Shane West story for another time.

Anyway, he was initially looking down when I came over to the table, so when he looked into my eyes and started talking to me it completely threw me off guard. I now know what it means to be a deer in headlights/at a loss for words! For starters, he has the nicest blue eyes and is even better looking in person (did not think this was possible). Could not recite word-for-word what he said to me, but all my peanut brain could manage to spew out was “Yeah!” followed by nervous laughter. “Yeah”? Did that actually happen? It still makes me cringe when I think about this. Like can I travel back in time and say something cute and witty?

Somehow I composed myself for 5 seconds and we managed to take a pretty cute picture together. He’s a very friendly, charming, funny guy and could not have been more accommodating to all of his fans. I can see why this franchise has such a massive, loyal following.

Until next time, Carlisle…

Ps. This picture does not do him justice

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One Response to The Twilight Zone

  1. Jackie not picking up? How strange… I could have sworn talking about cats, twilight and astrology would have been a shoe in!

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