It Girl: Pippa Middleton

After infamously upstaging her sister Duchess Catherine at the Royal Wedding, event planner Pippa Middleton is quickly becoming one of the UK’s most photographed and famous women. With reports of hosting her own show on Oprah’s OWN network and becoming the face of Usher’s lingerie line, Pippa’s newfound fame and appeal is proving to still be relevant months after the wedding of the century. After reportedly splitting up with long-time boyfriend Alex Loudon earlier this month, I’m sure her 180,000 Facebook admirers will be lining up at the chance to date the eligible socialite. Similar to older sister Kate, Pippa’s simple yet chic style has her becoming a style icon in the making.

Here are some of Pippa’s best looks since becoming a worldwide phenomenon:



Source: Images 1-6, 7, 8, 9

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Prince William and Kate: Canada Bound, Eh?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, more commonly known as Prince William and Kate, are set to embark on their first official visit to Canada and the United States as husband and wife this Thursday.

Prince William released a statement on behalf of himself and his lovely bride, “Catherine and I are very much looking forward to our Tour of Canada. We hope to be able to meet as many people as possible and to see as much of the extraordinary and diverse country as we can.”

Prince William and Kate’s Canadian itinerary includes:

June 30-July 2: The National Capital Region (Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec)

July 2: Montreal

July 3: Quebec City

July 3-4: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

July 4: Summerside, Prince Edward Island

July 4-6: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

July 6-8: Calgary, Alberta 

I’m sorry, they’re visiting two cities in Prince Edward Island and Yellowknife? Am I reading this correctly/being Punk’d? I’m a little biased, but how is Toronto not apart of this list? Even though my love for Prince William has slowly diminished in the past few years due to his premature balding, I would have loved this once in a lifetime opportunity to see William and Kate in person! Roadtrip to Northwest Territories, anyone?

And for the final blow, the Duke and Duchess released an official portrait to promote their upcoming tour. Sigh.

Source: Photos

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Most Coveted: Half-Tinted Chanel Sunglasses


From Nicole Richie to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Chanel 5018 sunglasses have become a coveted celebrity item after appearing in Chanel’s 2007 Spring/Summer runway collection. While this look may be too fashion-forward for most, Karl Lagerfeld’s chic creation still remains true to the iconic brand. Before rushing to your nearest Holt Renfrew or Chanel boutique, this luxury item is virtually impossible to find and retails for an astounding $1,000! Question: Does Wal-Mart sell anything similiar to this?

Would you wear these Chanel sunglasses?

Mary-Kate Image, 2,  Nicole Richie Image

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Klassy Kardashian: Kourtney

Long before taking over Miami and New York City, this Arizona University Alum used her intelligence and immaculate fashion sense to launch the first DASH clothing boutique in Calabasas, California. After appearing on the highly addictive hit reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2007, Kourtney used her newfound fame by expanding the Kardashian’s successful clothing empire to the Big Apple and South Beach. In addition, Kourtney endorses several products including Perfect Skin and Quick Trim- all while raising her son Mason! Favouring classic and structured pieces, this entrepreneur’s style is so sought-after by her fans that she kindly lists details of every outfit on her official website. Kourtney is living proof that all young Mother’s can be both successful and stylish! Here are some of Kourtney’s best fashion moments:

All Images:

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“City” Chic: Olivia Palermo

Before starring as Whitney Port’s impeccably dressed co-worker on MTV’s The City, this socialite frequently appeared in Page Six for both her fashion sense and now infamous leaked email pleading for acceptance from other socialites (Read email here: ). Olivia’s sophisticated use of designer labels and costume jewellery has made her a street style photographer and Fashion Editor’s dream! Rather than depending on her Trust Fund fortune, Olivia received a degree in Media Studies from New School and has worked for both Diane Von Furstenberg and Elle Magazine. Whether you love or loathe her- Palermo’s flawless fashion sense is undeniable! Here are some of Olivia’s best fashion moments:

Love Olivia’s East-Coast chic style? Check out Page Six Magazine’s article featuring Olivia’s stylish Tribeca apartment! 


Above Image:

Article Source:

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What Ever Happened To: Macaulay Culkin

Regarded as one of the most successful child actors of all time, Macaulay Culkin has been in relative obscurity since starring in Uncle Buck, Home Alone and Richie Rich in the early 1990’s. Despite once having a lucrative acting career, Culkin’s reputation the past ten years has been tainted by a divorce, arrest and consecutive box-office disasters (Party Monster, anyone?). Similar to Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Zack Morris Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Culkin has also been affected by the child actor “curse”. Regardless of his future endeavours, Macaulay will always be remembered as the adorable and witty Kevin McAllister in the Home Alone franchise.  

Here’s a clip of Macaulay Culkin at the height of his fame in Home Alone 2 (Which coincidentally is my favourite movie of all-time):





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How The @*%$ Are They Dating?: UK Edition

Have you ever seen a picture of a celebrity couple and thought “How did HE get her”- or vice versa? While appearance isn’t everything in a relationship, the phrase “love is blind” applies to one half of these UK couples:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

Granted he’s not the most terrible looking guy on the planet, but I certainly didn’t envision this gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model to be dating middle-aged Transporter douche Jason Statham. Despite being the UK Vin Diesel, his unwarranted self-righteous persona is as bad as his receding hair line (No really, your shaved head looks great…) For all I know he could be as witty and charming as my future husband Jake Gyllenhaal, but until then I’ll assume Rosie loves Jason for his big … personality.

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty

Million Dollar Question: How does a drug addicted criminal captivate the heart of one of the most successful supermodels? While Pete is the role model to millions of homeless gold diggers, every other person is baffled as to how this relatively unknown “Rockstar” put a ring on Moss’ finger. I’ve decided to create a Pros and Cons list for Moss (that she will most likely never read) in the event she succumbs to Pete’s “charm” again:


  • Bad Teeth (even for English standards)
  • Drug Addict
  • Has been arrested multiple times
  • Looks like a walking corpse/homeless
  • Probably smells like stale cigarettes & garbage


Still working on that…

You’re welcome, Kate!


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